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National Inspirational Speaker  | Hospice Aid | Actor | Model


George Galbreath is a native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  He resides in Greensboro, North Carolina with his family.  He is an Inspirational Speaker and offers a compelling story that speaks of his journey from being a detention officer, alcohol, drug addiction, DWI, jail and prison incarceration, and the redeeming victory of overcoming all of those adversities. George uses his life story to connect with audiences in a conversational delivery that is authentic and real. He believes in the “ole school wisdom” of giving of one’s true self to make a difference.  He puts into practice that belief by sharing the trials of my life in the context of turning negative situations into growth opportunities. He greatly appreciates the opportunity to come to your organization to help the Youth by sharing his “show and tell” presentation of his journey. 


If it’s true that there’s a You, and You can hear me, and give me my life back, and let me see my daughter grow up, then I’ll do your will.


The truth was that George Galbreath didn’t believe in anything at that moment. But he called Him/ Her/ It anyway – just because he was out of options. After a life filled with pain and rage, addiction, violence and other bad decisions, we find Galbreath lying in a bed at the Moses Cone Behavioral Health Center, encircled by helpless medical personnel, his face twisted and vital signs deteriorating by a developing stroke. At 43, Galbreath prayed his first prayer:

“If it’s true that there’s a You, and You can hear me, and give me my life back, and let me see my daughter grow up, then I’ll do your will.”

It wasn’t much, but it worked. God restored Galbreath’s physical health and his spirit, then gave him a unique work to do: to truthfully share his personal stories of life in addiction and in recovery. His experiences – some horrific, others filled with more grace than most people ever know – qualify him to speak authoritatively on topics including forgiveness, healing, fatherhood, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, spiritual empowerment, entrepreneurship, crime and living a sober life.


Although he experienced a miracle and has since discovered that his testimonies can have a profound effect on young people, Galbreath’s story differs little from those of many of the struggling young people frequently in his audiences – youths who rarely hear stories like theirs.


Sober ever since January 2003, Galbreath’s accomplishments since he’s begun doing God’s will have been many:

  • An entrepreneur who operates a mobile auto detailing and pressure washing service

  • A Certified Nursing Assistant working PRN at Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro

  • He has used his athletic 6-foot-3-inch frame and ebony good-looks to get modeling jobs for clients including   Dudley Products Cosmetic Company, for which he also is a beauty advisor

  • After suffering and causing pain in relationships throughout his life, he has witnessed the healing power of forgiveness and love now enjoying strong bonds with people, most importantly his teen-aged daughter Brianna

Most of his energy has gone into developing his divinely ordained career as a motivational speaker. He has spoken to more than 5,000 people throughout his new journey at venues such as:

  • College freshman orientation

  • Middle school graduation

  • Alternative school program

  • Senior level college substance abuse course

  • Rehabilitation centers, churches and youth centers.

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